About Insurance Squared Inc.:
Insurance Squared Inc. is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider to the life insurance industry. Formed 15 years ago, we have been working with life insurance companies across the U.S. and Canada providing services that offer both competitive intelligence, and ease of reporting.

We also have extensive marketing experience both on and offline. Successful in both search engine optimization (including long term rankings, lasting up to a decade) and visitor conversion, our success is based on experience.

Our current focus is on providing competitive intelligence and research reporting tools to life insurance companies.

About Glenn Cooke:
Glenn Cooke has been in the life insurance industry since 1986, specializing in merging technical and marketing services. In years past he worked in the role of illustration actuary (uncredentialled, before the role of illustration actuary was subject to qualifications.) and later in product development and pricing. He left an entry level actuarial role and ceased writing actuarial exams in the 1990’s to found Insurance Squared Inc. Since then he has provided top rankings in the search engines in the ultra-competitive life insurance industry (including speaking at international search engine optimization conferences on white-hat SEO), developed defined benefit employee benefit calculators and provided various online marketing services to the life insurance industry. He was also one of the original partners involved in creating the Actuarial Outpost (originally the Rebel Outpost), the internet’s largest actuarial discussion forum. His background and experience in those roles are the foundation for many of the services offered today.