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You’ve got a business phone line….which doesn’t ring on it’s own.  And you’ve got a website which won’t generate leads on it’s own either.

While the world has moved from the phone to online, only the medium has changed.  We’re still working with the traditional sales funnel, and we still need to target potential visitors and transition them to qualified leads.  That’s where we come in.

Our Life Leads Pro service combines two parts of the sales funnel.   First, we target Google Local to get your website listed and ranked for consumers who are searching for life insurance.  This brings you targetted traffic.    And because this traffic is from organic searches, it brings in the highest quality exclusive leads available.  These are people actively searching for insurance without incentives, they’ve been to your website and given you their phone number.  We’ve been doing successful SEO in the life insurance industry for 15 years, nobody else in the industry has our track record.

Our Life Leads Basic is included with this service.  The website plugin gives your visitors access to instant online life insurance quotes, but the effect is that it transitions them from visitors to qualified leads.  It’s the answer to ‘why am I going to give you my name and phone number?’.  Our plugin was created based on our experience generating thousands of life insurance sales from online leads.  This plugin integrates easily into your existing website and starts generating leads immediately.

Qualified leads are great – they sure are. But you still need to transition these leads to sales.  That’s the fun part that you handle.  However every Life Leads Pro™ subscriber also receives a copy of our ‘How to Sell Online Life Insurance Leads’ ebook. This ebook shows you all the tricks you need to know to turn a qualified lead from your website, into a sale.  And like all of our services, our ebook is based on real world experience – these are the techniques we used to sell life insurance from leads from our websites over 10 years.

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