Our services are targetted at the marketing, competitive, and actuarial departments of life insurance companies and are used as tools for competitive research, analysis and pricing.

Note: Compulife data files last updated: September 15 2018

  1. Batch Quoter

    (Client Login) The batch quoter allows you to quickly and easily run large numbers of Compulife® quotes and receive the output in a useable spreadsheet. Perfect for on-the-fly market snapshots or monthly reports, it’s the fastest way to run 50-1000 Compulife quotes all at once. Just place your input cells into a spreadsheet and upload to our system. Moments later you’ll receive your quotes by email, also in a handy spreadsheet format. From there take your data wherever you want! Many of our clients develop a standard input spreadsheet and then simply run the reports once every month to populate their internal reports with the same test cases.

    Download sample output file or download the sample input file.

    Price: $999 Annually and requires a qualifying subscription to Compulife.

  2. Meg Reports

    This monthly service is an absolute data monster, and is particularly useful for pricing actuaries. Provide us with a list of your competitors, and we’ll send you a monthly report with every combination of M/F, S/NS, up to 5 different face amounts, Std/Std Plus/Pfd/Pfd Plus, and every single premium for all of the products from ages 20 to 70. These reports compile data from over 750,000 individual quotes run by our systems each month.

    The service also includes a second report format more useful for management reports. Showing quinquennial ages in columns, this second format highlights your competitor’s premiums that are within a specified percentage of your company’s premiums.

    Need to see how your new products look against the competition? For a nominal charge we can create a custom version of the Meg Reports with your proposed premiums against the competition. Know where you stand before you launch!

    Download a sample of format 1. This report is for pricing/marketing departments and shows 10 year term premiums from 7 companies for face amounts of $100,000 and $250,000.

    Download a sample of format 2. This report is for management reporting and shows 7 companies, with one company as the ‘main’ company (main company is the first company listed). The data is compiled for 10 year term, $500,000. Companies that are cheaper than the main company are highlighted in red, companies that are within 15% of the main company are highlighted in yellow.

    Price: $3900 Annually and requires a qualifying subscription to Compulife.

  3. Historical Term Life Insurance Premiums

    We can provide historical term life insurance premiums (initial and renewal premiums) going back as far as 1996. Please call our toll free number and ask for Glenn for a custom quote.