You work hard and pay good money for leads – then you call and they won’t answer the phone.

And the problem continues to get worse.  Fewer and fewer people will answer their phone for any reason.  But a life insurance advisor today still needs to speak to consumers – whether you’re booking an in person appointment or doing non-face to face sales.  So what’s a diligent life insurance advisor to do?  How do you get your lead to pick up the phone and say hello?

I’m going to outline three ways that I’ve used in the past to successfully sell life insurance, and one way that I’m using right now to sell to insurance advisors (and I know it’s a technique used by advanced life insurance advisors with consumers as well).

  1.  Call now.  Not in 5 minutes, now. This is the single biggest factor.  If you have a lead, you must call immediately.  Drop everything and call now.  Pull into a parking lot and pull out your cellphone.  Turn off the stove and let dinner get cold.  Pick up your phone and call.  Prospects are most likely to answer the phone immediately after submitting their contact information, they become increasingly unlikely to do so as time passes.  They move on, get busy with the kids, they move on with their life.
  2. Use text messaging to get them to pick up.  There’s two ways to use this.  First, try sending them a quick text message letting them know who you are, and that you’ll be calling in 3 minutes.  You’ll get more answers if they know who’s calling and are expecting it.  The second way to use this is to ignite a conversation if all other methods have failed.  Try sending them a ‘hey how are you’ text.  This will frequently elicit a response. Start with ‘Hey, it’s Jeff from Jeff’s insurance, saw you were on my website – did you have any questions?’.  And see where it takes you.
  3. Diligence and persistence.  Throughout the years I’ve seen advisors try and call a lead once or twice and then give it up as a lost cause.  You should be calling your leads in the neighbourhood of 6-10 times.  Call them this morning, and then this evening.  Then tomorrow.  Then the next day.  Then next Monday and next Friday.  Call them later in the evening.  With enough persistence you increase the chances of them picking up the phone.  And do you know what they’ll say when they pick up?  They’ll explain how busy they are and then thank you for your persistence.  They really want insurance and they appreciate that you’ve stuck with it until you got them at a time they were available to talk.
  4. Use calendly on your website, and let them book a call with you.  This method is coming on strong, the more technically advanced advisors are starting to use it to book calls. Get a free account at (you’ll also need a gmail calendar).  Calendly lets your website visitors book a call back with you, directly into your calendar. If you’ve heard the old adage that the phone won’t ring on it’s own, this is the exact opposite!  People will visit your website, click through and book a call back with you. That call back shows up in your calendar with their phone number – you just call and start selling.  I’m using this on my website (targetted at insurance advisors) and it is getting used.  It’s exciting to walk into work in the morning and see a list of people waiting for your sales call :).

In the end, you should use all four of these techniques in conjunction with each other.  Get more sales out of your leads by getting them to answer your call!