About Insurance Squared

Our services are backed by experience. We are hardcore into the cloud based life insurance business, and what we do works.  No guessing, no hoping, no dealing with techs avid about the latest gimmick – we’re life insurance people experts at the application of technology.

We started offering websites to the life insurance industry in 1999 – two decades ago.  We were there when SEO first became popular, and have had spectacular success with long ranking websites.   In fact we were so far ahead of the curve that in the 00’s there was little demand for our services.

So in 2008, we founded our own life insurance agency. This agency was again a forerunner, as it was national, 100% online, paperless using our custom CRM, and completely virtually distributed – our agents and admin were not local, neither were clients.  We then sold the agency in 2017. Our current suite of products are based on our real life implementation of technology actively selling life insurance.

Insurance Squared is managed by Glenn Cooke.  A well known name in the life insurance industry, Glenn has been featured in industry magazines including Investment Executive, Insurance Business Magazine, Insurance Business America, Insurance News Net, and Life Health Pro.  He’s also been extensively interviewed and quoted on consumer-centric media including national daily newspapers, radio, and live television.  Online he’s been a forerunner on Reddit, providing ‘AMA’ (ask me anything) on online life insurance sales to both sales and personal finance subreddits.

Cloud based life insurance software is our passion.  We love the life insurance industry, we love the benefits technology can bring to sales, and we love working with life insurance agents. And that’s why in addition to our expertise, we are renowned for our friendly service.  We like what we do, and we’re happy to talk to you about it.  Check out the contact us form below to start that conversation – or better yet call us now at 1-866-779-1499.

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