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4 ways to get leads to answer the phone.


You work hard and pay good money for leads - then you call and they won't answer the phone. And the problem continues to get worse.  Fewer and fewer people will answer their phone for any reason.  But a life insurance advisor today still needs to speak to consumers - whether you're booking an in [...]

4 ways to get leads to answer the phone.2019-08-13T18:00:30+00:00

Free leads with a 50% closing rate


Clickbait title?  Not at all. I'm going to show you my best source of leads ever.  And the 50% closing rate is no exaggeration. The source of leads are your dead leads.  Those people you've spoken to, worked on, then went cold and quiet. Here's your life pro tip - those leads aren't dead. They're [...]

Free leads with a 50% closing rate2019-08-02T15:15:26+00:00

Google flags your site as amateur hour.


Over a year ago Google started talking about "encrypting the web". They want everybody to SSL encrypt their website - that's the green lock you see when you visit sites like amazon and just means that traffic between the visitor and the website is encrypted and can't be read even if intercepted.  And without incentive, [...]

Google flags your site as amateur hour.2019-07-25T20:46:55+00:00

Does your life insurance website close?


One of the most common complaints with life insurance websites is that they don’t produce any leads. There’s a very simple reason for this – your website isn’t asking for the sale. We all know that when you’re in front of a client that if you want to close, at some point you’re going [...]

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