One of the most common complaints with life insurance websites is that they don’t produce any leads. There’s a very simple reason for this – your website isn’t asking for the sale.

We all know that when you’re in front of a client that if you want to close, at some point you’re going to have to ask for the sale. This very same logic holds true for your website – if you don’t ask for the sale, you’ll never close.

This is 1960’s sales funnel stuff, just applied to new technology. Your marketing is at the top of the funnel driving visitors (prospects) to your website. Some number of these visitors then convert to leads. You take those leads offline, work them to become sales qualified leads and eventually a sale using some variation of the old 10-3-1 ratio.

What we need to do is define what a sale is on our website. We’re in the middle of the sales funnel turning prospects into leads, but I find it helps if we treat this small segment of the funnel as a sale in it’s own right. And what’s the conclusion of that sale? The sale on your website is simply the visitor giving you their contact information. That’s the sale right there – name and phone number..

Bring up your website and have a look. Is the most visually striking thing on your website a request for their name and phone number? If not you’re not asking for the sale, and you know what that means – you’ll never close with their contact information.

Note that making your visitors click all over the place to find out how to submit their information is no different than you waffling around instead of asking to start the application. The request for their contact information needs to be central to your entire site. Anything else – authority, articles, pictures – all of it needs to point to requesting their contact information.

The next question of course is why would a visitor offer their contact information? There’s a bunch of different answers to this, feel welcome to derive your own. However here’s a few common ones:

  • requesting a callback for a quote
  • receiving an instant life insurance quote
  • requesting a personal evaluation

That’s a few, there are plenty of other reasons.. Again feel welcome to think of your own unique answer to ‘why would a visitor give you their contact information?’. Here’s one I’m going to try next time I do a life insurance lead generation website – I’m going to put up a button that says “Ask me anything about life insurance”. Pop up a form requesting their contact info and a spot for their questions, and now we’ve got a lead!

There you have it – make sure the most important action on your website is asking for their contact information, and find a strong reason for them to give you that info. Do those two things and as long as you have traffic then you’ll also have leads.