Sales Script for Non-face to face (telephone) sales of life insurance

Before we made our services available to other agents, we sold thousands of life insurance policies.  Those sales were generated from our websites using technology we perfected and now offer with our Life Leads Pro™ lead generation service and our Life Quoter Pro™ online quoting service.

And like everything we do, we also had a process for our sales script.  Now you can download the same script we perfected across thousands of life insurance sales.

Use our script to differentiate yourself, to take a prospect from a random internet surfer to a client.  Our script filters waste of time leads right upfront and converts the rest into long term customers - and does so by proving your expertise.

How to Write Search Engine Friendly Articles

If a consumer does  a search on life insurance, is Google going to show your website if you don't have related content?  Of course they won't.  You need content on your website, and lots of it.
But what type of articles?  What's the criteria?
Download our free ebook, and find out.  In this ebook, Glenn shows you his holistic approach to writing article, how to generate ideas for articles, and what works long term.