Insurance Squared Inc. (vendor) will continue to provide Life Designer Pro services to the Life Insurance Company (“Carrier”) subject to the following terms:

Carrier agrees to provide data and example calculations required to correctly calculate premiums for their life insurance policies. Carrier provides permission for the vendor to use these premiums in providing Life Designer Pro services as well as other premium comparison tools.

Carrier agrees to notify vendor of any changes to the data or calculations in a timely fashion.

Carrier agrees to notify vendor immediately of any errors in the vendor’s calculation of the carrier’s premiums.

Vendor will duplicate the carrier’s premiums exactly, and agrees to correct errors or remove the premiums from their services, immediately upon notification of any errors. Vendor agrees to hold carrier harmless from any such errors.

Carrier grants vendor permission for vendor to use their premium data and calculations in the provision of other services, primarily to those involved in the retail sale of life insurance (i.e. advisors, agents, brokers).

Vendor will be providing various online and cloud based premium comparison tools using the carriers data and premium calculations. Vendor will limit these services to web pages engaged primarily in the professional marketing of life insurance. Vendor specifically excludes websites that promote gambling, hatred, or any illegal practices. Vendor may also exclude other websites, at their discretion.

Vendor agrees to remove carrier’s premium calculations from any website the carrier chooses. Carrier may ask to remove their premium calculations from a website at their discretion, and without providing justification.

Vendor agrees to use any individual data collected from carrier’s use of Life Designer Pro only to correct errors. Vendor may use data collected from carrier’s use of Life Designer Pro in aggregate with other carriers to continue to provide services and new features. Vendor agrees that no data will be used from carrier’s use of the policy designer module within Life Designer Pro, and that any customized products within this module will be kept confidential at all times.