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Are you looking to generate Life Insurance Leads?  Then Life Leads Pro™ is the service you need.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like hiring a lawyer.  There’s no guarantee that you’ll win your case, but you want a lawyer who’s got experience and wins more cases than other lawyers. And when it comes to life insurance SEO, that’s us. With 15+ years of SEO and online lead generation strictly in the life insurance industry, we have the experience and the results to generate leads in this competitive market.

The culmination of that experience is the Life Leads Pro™ service.  Life Leads Pro combines the two required elements to self-generate leads from your website: Traffic + Conversions.

For your traffic needs, we provide Local SEO services.  Local SEO helps your website show up in the Google 3-pack or local results that include a map.  There’s no better source of targetted traffic.  Visitors are local, and they’re actively seeking life insurance.

But traffic on it’s own is worthless. You need to convert that traffic into leads, and there’s no better way than our Life Quoter Pro™ Advanced online life insurance quoting system.  This service offers live insurance quotes that are fully integrated into your website.  Visitors provide their contact information to run a quote, and your website immediately emails you this hot lead.  Even better, visitors can email themselves a PDF of the quote.  Not only does that give you a confirmed email address, but your visitor now has a PDF with your full contact information for later review!

Included with your Life Leads Pro™ service is:

  • Our advanced Life Quoter Pro™ Advanced lead generation quoting system to convert traffic to leads.
  • Local SEO with monthly reports to generate that traffic.
  • Friendly customer service!
  • Full review of your website using our 15 years of experience in converting traffic.
  • A copy of Glenn’s Non-face to face Sales Playbook.  Glenn has not only generated hundreds of thousands of leads through the years, he’s also sold thousands of life insurance clients over the phone.  You’ll get a copy of the script he’s used succesfully to close sales on the phone and create fierce customer loyalty.
  • A copy of Glenn’s ebook on how to write articles and content for your website.
  • Access to our library of SEO friendly life insurance articles.

These are the highest quality leads you can get online.  You maintain control over your website brand, hosting, content and technical aspects. We provide the plugin to convert traffic to leads, then we start driving that traffic to your site, from Google.  Visitors coming from Google are going to your website, and when they convert to a lead, they’re doing so on your website. So when you call the lead – they know who you are!  They’ve been to your website and are likely expecting your call. Our Basic service provides SEO and conversion opportunities to generate leads from your website. Our Advanced service goes even further by incorporating client reviews (important for rankings) and call metrics to further increase your lead generation opportunities.

Monthly Citation Generation
Monthly Reporting
Life Quoter Pro (Advanced)
Access to Our Article Library
Client Reviews Plugin
Call Metrics
Google Posts
Pricing $299USD/Month

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If you’re ready to get started with your own stream of leads, then you’re ready for our Life Leads Pro™ service.  Call us now to subscribe!